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Your 2017 Lookbook

It's the dawning of a New Year and here at Elvis Jesus we want to show you the hot new styles we believe to be the essential looks for 2017.

Our premium streetwear is dedicated to our unique subcultural following and will deliver style, passion and our anti-capitalist dystopian rock & roll rumblings to your wardrobe. 

So, if you want to start 2017 in showstopping style, then you've come to the right place. 

Marcom Henley top

Kicking off our list is the Marcom Henley top. A showstopping addition to your collection, this unique t-shirt is adorned with a custom designed camo pattern which is crafted using bespoke black diamante crystals on the front. It's finished with our branded trims which guarantee to make this top a head turner.  

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Snake hooded sweat

This classic zipped hooded sweatshirt has a unique double hood and a black leather style trim. This hooded sweat is a guaranteed trendsetter and one that will really make you stand out from the crowd. The design is unlike any other and offers the wearer the ability to be one in a million. The metallic snakeskin finish gives it the edge over the competition and truly makes it a showstopper.

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Carrying a creative and inspiring graphic, our Destroy t-shirt brings a real warmth to your wardrobe. The shattered perspex embellishing looks sublime and it is topped with our signature branding, with fine details within. Fight your demons and look good in doing so. 

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Barocker hooded top

The Barocker hooded top benefits from a loose crossover hood detail at the front neck area. The back panel contains a unique, bold and gold metallic stitch guitar cross detail. This top has a premium finish comprising with a longer length, scooped hem and luxury embroidery details on the back. The transition from matte black on the front to gold trim on the back is one to be admired.

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Cluster hooded sweat

This premium hooded sweatshirt is the epitome of casual wear. The devil is in the detail with this piece. Sleeves are adorned with tonal camo pattern sequin embellishment as well as black leather style trim at the main zip and zip pockets, double opening zip and if you unzip the hood you will find a concealed nylon inner hood which carries a secret message in silicon print. This hooded sweatshirt brings you a unique look and gives you a lot more bang for your buck.   

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Existential top

This new short-sleeve t-shirt with a wavy cut and sew style detail on the front panel is an essential wardrobe piece. The double rib details on the neck are unlike any other and the scoop hem really completes the look. It is a simple look but carries an effective message. It's bold and contains our trademark branded trims.

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Hidden hooded sweat

This easy to wear hooded sweat contains many hidden details. The sweat contains a subtle all over camo print and black leather trims which accompany the main zip pockets. The top is finished with a silicone printed message, "Darker the night, brighter the stars." It's certainly a top that can be worn all day, every day.

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Trinity V-neck top

This short sleeved v-neck top will get you noticed. It has a long length fit, scooped hem and a tonal camo print front panel made completely from sequins. This is finished with a luxurious guitar cross yoke panel which is made with a gold foil pattern print on the inside and has embroidered details on the back. It's the must-have item for any wardrobe in 2017 and a showstopping piece for your collection. 

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Kings t-shirt

And finally, one of our favourites. The Kings t-shirt is one of our top styles from the new Deluxe Edition with our signature guitar cross yoke panel and the message that is bound to grab attention: Who the fuck is Elvis Jesus? 

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F*ck 2016! Here's to 2017.

F*ck 2016! Here's to 2017.

Sometimes looking back is a good idea, then again we can get stuck in the past.

Many legends have passed upon us once again in 2016, but their legacy should live on in our style and culture.

Whether from sporting greats and political figureheads to legendary musicians, the loss of Prince, Mohammed Ali, Leonard Cohen, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, David Bowie and even Fidel Castro will forever live on.

So let's look ahead to 2017 - what does it have in store?

New great movies will be released. New music powerhouses will be uncovered, new rivalries born and old rivalries restored... and Elvis Jesus will also be releasing new superstar clothing lines for you lucky lot to get your hands on.

A new year can also mean a new you, and where better to start than with your threads? See our 2017 lookbook here.

But to get you in the mood and geared up for 2017, where better to start than with some legends of culture and the motivational messages that they're famed for? Sometimes infamously known for.

You can view that on 1st Jan here on Facebook.

Be brave. Be bold. Be a superstar.



Flashback - Fat Freddys Drop

If Thursdays are the new Fridays then ultimately we really need to bring in a 3 day weekend...

We are suffering in EJ HQ today after partying way too hard last night but Fat Freddys Drop is helping us pull through with those smooth like butter vocals... kick back, relax and enjoy whilst you mentally prepare yourself to do it all again tonight... Happy weekend! 


Ken Patten - Tattooist

We are loving the work of tattooist Ken Patten who is based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyn, UK.

Some amazing portrait work of the great rock n roll icons and loving his dark black work too, definitely fits with the Elvis Jesus ethos.

We saw a killer Elvis portrait over on his Instagram but no Jesus as yet...

Check out his work over at www.tattoostation.co.uk

Supersonic documentary

We absolutely loved this documentary on Oasis, the band that for us defined the nineties. A great piece of nostalgia... We were there at Maine Road 1996, were you?

Save Fabric

Fabric and British nightlife needs help fighting back on this... #saveourculture

We wanna be free
We wanna be free to do what we wanna do
And we wanna get loaded
And we wanna have a good time
That's what we're gonna do


The Classy Issue

This Tumblr is a source of daily inspiration for us. Filled to the brim with delicious looking design, mixtapes, hot girls and everything achingly cool.

I recommend going straight to the archive where you can find the things that you are most interested in. A picture is worth a thousand words and this blog is full of the best.

J Dilla: Back to the Crib Mixtape by Boiler Room

It's already been a decade since J Dilla — the mercurial producer and rapper from Detroit — passed away and the Boiler Room crew managed to get their hands on a never-before-heard mixtape by the master himself. Made some time between mid-1999 and early 2000, it's a fly-on-the-wall showing of what Jay Dee had blaring out of his speakers while on the sofa or by the MPC.

Filled to the brim with stone cold classics and a few curve balls, sink into your own couch and press play...

Turn on, tune in and drop out.

78/87 London Youth by Derek Ridgers

British youth culture and style

We love this book from Derek Ridgers who has been documenting London's young people since the early 70s.

This book focuses on the decade after punk, when youth culture was at its most varied and there is some amazing looks in here.


Deli Sandwich

This tumblr is a gold mine of inspiring images... covering everything from pop culture, old school biker gangs, fashion, music sub cultures, art and design.